Banana is a Snack?

Not much to report today. Friday after work I ended up meeting Jefferson near Ximending to look at PSPs (the new hand held Sony devices). When I met him he had just finished setting up his display in this, uh, display store. Basically it’s a place where you can put toys and things, and try selling them. I took a picture so you get an idea of what it’s all about (also because I thought one of the toys looked funny).

Ride that Banana!

Girl Riding a Banana
(it might be hard to see it, but on the box is written “Banana is a Snack?”)

Jefferson was telling me these kinds of stores are really popular in Japan. They had all kinds of cool things there like little models of naked chicks, Star Wars toys ;), Dragon Ball Z stuff, all kinds of little robots, shoes, etc.. After looking at all the stuff there we played a few video games and met up with I-Ping to have some dinner.

After dinner we all headed over toward Taipei Main station to do more electronics shopping and we eventually parted ways.

Saturday ended up being like a day at an office. I was glued to my monitor from around 1pm-8pm. I got a lot of stuff done and figured some new things out (tech wise) so it felt like time well spent to me. In the evening I met up with Lui and talked the talk of business.

Today I went to game club, played some games, then wandered around Taida’s campus. I’ll hopefully stop in there this week to make sure I truly understand the application process.

Ah, almost forgot. I helped 914 (a forumosan) put together some pictures from that animal fund raiser thing. Those can be seen here [QUIZ & CURRY Photos].

Also, Elias sent me a link to his site that has a pictures from that Entrepreneurial Event last weekend. It should give you an idea of what that event was like. That can be seen here:
[March 5 Enspyre Entrepreneurial Challenge]

miltown the Giant

Me and Elias

Right now I’m working on adding a few new things to my site. I’m not sure if they’ll be done by the time you read this or not.

Hope you had a good weekend.

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