How Ruck?

When we last left miltownkid…

Shortly after posting that post on Sunday I saw an ad for a used computer on Forumosa. As it only costs the costs of a call to inquire, I called. It’d sounded like a pretty cool deal, plus he was located near “The Game Club” so I told him I’d stop by, then it was out the door to play some games.

I’d didn’t get to play Go, but I did play some new game about beans, where you plant and harvest beans to score points (if it sounds stupid, it was, but it was lots of fun). I played a rough n’ tumble game and would have won, but I donated I bean to a bean farming enemy (I was feeling rather cocky about my stack off beans). I’d have to settle for a tie.

After the bean game 2 clubbers and I (one of them being the almost famous Frost) went to take a look at the PC. The PC was pretty cool, plus he had a printer monitor and a bunch of miscellaneous items to throw in. I decided to get it, got it, then Frost helped me get a taxi and move all the stuff into me “office”.

One Man’s Junk…


Then we hit MRT back to Game Club. The gang was all still there playing a game called “Freeloader” (or something like that, I did see hippies). Looked like a fun game, but Frost and I had to find something else to play while we waited. Whilst looking through the (many) titles available at Witch House I stumbled upon this little beauty (I know the crew from the Miltown will appreciate this).

How Ruck!


I agree. How RUCK! 😀

We ended up playing something different. A game where we… I think I might have to make a page/site dedicated to the Game Club and all the games we play there. Now that we have this wide selection, we’re always playing something different.

Jefferson arrived while we we’re playing our game, when we finished we decided to satiate the belly with a Sub Way. The sandwich was good as were the cookies. I played a couple games of Boggle and exited stage left.

Fast forwarding to Tuesday morning (Monday I did kick it with namahottie for a bit around the Ximending area, but I didn’t spot “The Sage”. I did play a game of Time Crisis 4. Very Nice!) have me cutting out paper bunnies (Oh Joy!).

Damn I’m Good!


I thought I’d be making them in class today, but we went to the park today (Youth Park) instead (I won’t argue with that). It happened to be a really warm and sunny day today too. I was actually hot for a while. All the kids just ran around playing different games and stuff. I also ran around and played different games and stuff.

A Playing We Will Go!


That’s Mate!


Cool! Another place to play Chinese chess. When it gets warmer I’ll make a trip down here and test my skills.

I Never Thought I’d Call Taiwanese a Bunch of Tree Huggers


Sometimes I’m Not Sure if I’m a Kid Dreaming that I’m Chasing a Butterfly, or a Butterfly Dreaming that I’m Flying Away from a Kid, or a Big Kid Dreaming He’s Watching a Kid Dream that He’s Chasing a Butterfly



After work adoa and I capitalized on the warm weather and did some golfing (this has turned into a weekly thing). We both got the all-you-can-hit-in-an-hour package and whacked away. I think we both did rather well today. We also met a guy there that’s been teaching golf in Taiwan for a few years and is planning on opening an office in that very center. He also told us about some of the business ideas he has cooking up. One sounded pretty cool. He plans on using an old building that’s on a golf course to open a golf school. He said everything is almost lined up for it to open (the golf course owners are going to remodel it), but he lacks people (I better start going twice a week I think :)). Adoa noticed that his business card lacked a website, so he brought up my web services. Maybe that will turn into another client (and possibly even another job).

Look Out Tiger!


I have a few things to do around the house, then, I’m off to Alleycat’s for some pizza.

I resized today’s pictures a little bigger and at a better quality. Like’m?

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2 Responses to How Ruck?

  1. miltownmom says:

    Yup, I like the pics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how ruck is hot, hahahaha

    the jogging outfit are ill, you gotta enroll in that school to get one?
    rival scholl rock other colors?

    FLueNT 🙂

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