ViewSonic Gets Two Thumbs Up!

I’m leaving in a few minutes to see a movie, but I needed to let you all know how nice ViewSonic was about repairing my monitor. First I called the English support line twice, that got me no where fast (I just ended up getting transfered a bunch of times). Then I decided to buck up and use Chinese. The lady on the other end of the line was real helpful. She got the model, serial number, etc. from me, then started asking me what my address was. I said “Why? I’ll bring it in myself. You’re in Taibei right?” she said yeah, then gave me the address of the actually repair center (first she gave me the address of the ViewSonic office).

I brought the monitor there (I actually live pretty lose to the place) and they told me to come back in 30 minutes. I had some noodles, stopped at a friends office, looked at betel nut girls and went back. The repair guy told me what he replaced and said it’s all good.

I just plugged it in and it is all good. Nice job ViewSonic. You won points in the miltownkid book. Feels nice having my monitor back.

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1 Response to ViewSonic Gets Two Thumbs Up!

  1. adoa says:

    Good to see you flexing the Chinese muscle. Keep it up! It makes life all the more easier here.

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