Back Up Back Up Cause It’s On

N A T E and me
The Milly to the T

I have 2 more DVDs to go before all of my data is backed up. Also, I’ve decided not to go with the dual OS this time round. I’m sticking to KISS (keep it simple stupid). Besides, I can boot up Linux off a CD and play with it these days.

Me and the DIY King (aka adoa) hit golf balls like we do sometimes. After I got home I started working on the back up stuff. Then I Ping and I went to have some Thai food, then I cam back and went back to burning DVDs.

Whilst burning DVDs I played Ninja Gaiden. I ended up starting over because I got to a boss with no life or items and kept getting an ass beat down. Going through the second time is a lot easier with the new skillz of Ninja that I’ve acquired. I also saw this dialog box I never noticed my first time through, that gave me a good laugh. Peep it.

Dissin' My Ninja Skillz?

I feel the same way sometimes.

Well, I’ll be jumping in the shower soon. Night all.

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1 Response to Back Up Back Up Cause It’s On

  1. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    I tried to click on the “contact me” but couldn’t get you.

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