Tea+Go+Beer+Pizza+Skates=A Nice Sunday

It’s late again and I’m tired from putting a little too much boogie in my woogie. The last thing that was on my list of events for today was rollerskating. Felt like I was in middle school again. When I started skating I was a little more wobbly than I wanted to be. I thought maybe I had some bum skates, but, fives biffs (spills, falls), a skinned elbow, and a brushed bum and knee later I had my wings… err, wheels back. I was jamming like no tomorrow. Felt good too.

Early in the morning I played Ninja Gaiden. I wish I could objectively review the game, but, damn it feels good to be a Ninja. I think the game is dope (fresh, fly, etc. etc.), but I have a feeling the Ninjaness is fogging my view. While I was playing I spidered a couple of websites (downloaded copies). When I finished it was out the door to game club.

I didn’t really do any game clubbing today. Me and Elliot snuck off to a little tea shop to play some Go. We had some weird Tibetan tea and snacks while I taught him the basics of Go (which is about all I know). When the time drew near to go to Alleycat’s (for free beer) we packed up the game. Since there was a slight drizzle and there were to of us, we split a cab.

Alleycat’s was a good time as well. We had some beers, talked to some people, and ate pizza. After all of that stuff we left and ended up at the place I told you about in paragraph one. One thing to add is that this roller rink was on the 6th floor of the building I frequent to play Dance Dance Revolution and I never even knew about it. It’s nice to know it’s there. I just may be back. And with that…

Wait wait a joke.

Why did Snoop Dog have an umbrella?
Answer tomorrow, or just google it. Or if you know I suppose you could post the answer in the comments. That might get me to try a little harder.

The Tea house.
At the tea house

That big white bowl on the right had the weird Tibetan tea. The Go board is so small because we were playing begin style (not that most people would notice).

At the tea house

Here’s a shot of a little shrine thing we were sitting next to.

At the tea house

I tried to get a shot that showed where that thing was in comparison to us.

At the tea house

The entrance to the tea place.

Roller Boogie!

At the tea house

There weren’t that many people when we got there.

At the tea house

But more showed up.

At the tea house

At the tea house

Head shot! (CS player might think that’s kind of funny, or not).

Cool Straws

At the tea house

I thought these straws were cool, so I took a picture. Hence the title “Cool Straws”.

Almost forgot. Those cool straws were shot at a place were I bought a cool ass grapefruit juice. It was fresh squeezed and consisted of about 2.5 grapefruits. It was definitely worth writing home about.

Now I best sleep.

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