Mildy Techy. Read at your own risk.

Today was a holiday (228) so I got the day off. It’s every February 28th (hence 228). It’s a day to look back and reflect on some old atrocities that happened once in the way back when. I’m not real up on what all happened, but if you’d like to know more I’ve provided a link to the wikipedia entry about it.

After getting up I headed straight to the Chinese medicine doctor. When I was all done with my treatment I met adoa at Taipei Main station (kind of like downtown) to do some shopping for a new capture card (the one he bought didn’t work good). After he picked one out (we couldn’t find the one I bought) we ate lunch and went our separate ways.

When I got home I played a bunch of Ninja Gaiden and worked on getting my computer ready for it’s transformation. I ordered the Acronis Imaging program, but I won’t get the registration number for a day or so, but I did download the demo and try imaging up a 2 GB partition I have.

I was imaged and restored very smoothly. Also, the 1.2 GB that it took up was compressed to about 700 MB. I thought that was a nice display of power. So, I read more about partitioning and imaging and since I’m going to be formatting my C: drive (or primary partition) I was think I could format the whole darn thing (after backing up all my data) and do a dual boot with one or 2 of the Linux distrobutions. So now I think I’m going to make 3 system partitions and 2 or 3 data partitions. At least 2 datapartions because (if I read everything right) I think I’ll want one NTFS partition and one Fat32 (or vFat) partition. I’d use the vFat partition to share files between Linux and Windows. I’ve been waiting until I had a spare computer around to install Linux, but I guess there’s no reason to. I’m going to burn this Knoppix disk and see how well it boots up. If/When I do all this, I’m going to write everything down and make a good walk through. The one’s I’ve found suck and this seems like something people would like to do. But I did find a lot of good information on various message boards.

Now I’m about to get me some dinner and play some Strikers.

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