Up Late Again

I’m up late again messing about on the net. I think I’ll slumber directly after posting and maybe I’ll dig up a picture to post since I didn’t post one yesterday (it won’t be something I took today).

Today I got up late because I went to bed late, then I got to work on finishing my back up saga (I’m trying to figure out a good way to maintain health backups of my hard drive). While researching I also Played Ninja Gaiden. I’d switch back and forth. Then I had a meeting to go to at around 3pm about this Internet radio thing someone’s setting up.

I think adoa and I will try to put together a show for that. Hopefully it’ll be good. Uhhh… Oh yeah, the software I’m going to buy for backing up is Acronis True Image 8.0. Looks like it should be real good. Then Sunday or Monday I’m going to reinstall everything and make myself a clean image of my system drive. Good times.

If I was a Tagger

Me Tagging (Not!)

This pic reminds me. I have a busy day tomorrow (well, technically today). Game Club, a party at Alleycat’s and some kind of roller boogie are all going down (with E Bro’s friend DJing there). I’ll be sure to capture as much as I can digitally. I also hope I can put the yellow Puma pants to use in the B-Boy circle (assuming there’ll be one).

OK. I best sleep.

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1 Response to Up Late Again

  1. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    I want to leave a comment here also–although the origianl message can be found in the comment section of one of your January entries. Hi. It’s Bizzy. I miss you. How are you? My absolute favortie part of this sight? the photo of the kid’s drawing. Get in touch with me!

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