A Story About a Bob

I still haven’t got my computer setup the way I want it, but I took a bunch of steps that brought closer to that goal today. Tomorrow I think I’ll be deleting a bunch of files that I don’t want, backing up stuff I do want and I may even format and reinstall everything. I hope so.

At around 6pm I went to see the Chinese medicine doctor. No needles today, but he said he’ll be giving me some Monday. I’ll try to remember to get a picture of how that looks. The way he does it is in a fashion had previously had never seen. He sticks a couple needles in and hooks them up the this electric thing and pumps electricity through you. Feel rather strange.

After the visit with the doc I stopped over a bobs house to get him setup with a blog (so he can let his creative juices flow). I also got him hooked up with Firefox and showed him some other basic computer kung fu techniques. Then we co-wrote a tutorial for using computers. It’ll eventually get deleted, so here’s the original post:

step one

locate brain.

step two

engage it.




step for


step five

don’t read this

by miltownkid

After that I got home, did some computing, chatted with Macrus for a bit, and now it’s off to bed.

You can see bob’s blog here: http://muvoniks.blogspot.com/

I’ll get a link to it hooked up somewhere eventually.

Night all (or morning)

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