Rainy Day Blues

I’m downloading a distro(bution) of Linux right now and want to wait until it finishes.

Today was the first day the weather got to me. I actually got tired of sitting in front of the computer today and want to romp about outside, but the weather was ass. I think I need to start getting my butt to the gym and hitting the pool. That’ll make me feel better.

I ended up turning off the computer and cleaning up my room for a while. After that I booted up and started to tackle my wall of post-its. I pulled a few down and stopped at getting my USB flash drive setup. I decided I’m going to make it boot up with Linux so that’s when I started downloading. It was around that time I-Ping called me to go out to the night market with her and a friend. Went, ate, chatted, then I went to another friends place to talk computer stuff.

When I got back home I found that the Linux CD stopped downloading for some reason, so I need to restart my bittorent client. So now I’m just waiting for it to finish.

I decided that I’ll going to give the video blog another go, but try a bit harder this time. I can’t stop on such a bad note.

And with that.

Good night (or good day to the miltown readers).

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1 Response to Rainy Day Blues

  1. adoa says:

    looking forward to see your next video endeavor. i was thinking about doing an ESL game or roleplay for my next one. maybe you will want to, too.

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