Flexin’ the A+ Muscles

I installed all of the gear I picked up yesterday this morning. The gear is as follows: DVD Burner, 128MB Video card, Video Capture/Tuner Card and a 512MB USB flash drive. Fun fun fun.

After that I played with it all until I Pings friends and their kids came over. We went to a Thai place for dinner, came back and played games. At one point I had one kid playing GTA: SA on the TV and the other playing Ninja Gaiden on the PC monitor. Very nice.

It’s late and I don’t feel like taking too much time blogging (should have blogged earlier), so I only have one pic today. Ah! I also played a bunch of MGS3 today. What a lovely game. I’ll need to get the video game review section of my site up one day.

Also, last I checked I made 3 cents with that google ad thing (Woohoo!).

Computer Guts (ewwwww!)

The inside of a computer

Tomorrow I’m going to the Forumosa Happy Hour thing at The Tavern. Sounds like it should be a nice event. Magicians and everything. I’ll be packing the digi cam and should come back with some photos.

Till then.

Milly T

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