Heaven, Oh I’m in Heaven

What a wonderful day today was. Today’s blog will be short and sweet. First off it was Thursday and, as you may already know, Thursdays = laid back work days. It starts with a morning meeting, then music class (for 45 minutes), playtime and finally I get to work for about 40 minutes (or so).

I-Ping took the day off, so we headed off to Warner Village to catch a movie. We saw Howl’s Moving Castle. It was very nice. That one will be getting added to the DVD collection. I know rcebrnr’s going to want to get his hands on that one.

After relaxing at home for a while I broke into the TV I lugged home yesterday. After I set everything up I decided I should “test” it for a while. What was going to be a 15 minute “test” instantly extended to a one hour game of MGS3 (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater). I must say. The game is excellent and the TV complimented the excellence exquisitely.

Now I have the heavenly setup if my video games and movies on the left, and my PC on the right. I can’t think of a better way to explain it. It’s like heaven for me. Really.

Robonutz just Skyped me, so I’m going to get on to the pictures.

[I’m on Skype, playing MGS3 and posting a blog right now. HOTNESS! :D]

Peep the instruction book for the TV

Click the image for a bigger picture.
Metal Gear Solid 3

I like the picture of the kids playing on the TV and the guy watering the TV.


Notice Solid Snake holding it down on the TV.
Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3

I think I need to read that Sony manual some more

Metal Gear Solid 3

This looks like that picture in the upper right hand corner of the instruction book. Should I be worried?

I’m gonna enjoy my convo with Robonutz and go to sleep. Till next time.

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1 Response to Heaven, Oh I’m in Heaven

  1. john says:

    heh. ..that movie. ..

    will be mine. // 😛

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