1337 h4Ck3r5 and PICS!

Man, I feel like there’s going to be too much in this post, but I have no idea. Too much for who? My “readers”. I doubt it. Anyhoo, yesterday I took the pictures of a usual morning in Yonghe (Taipei County) and I think you’ll be pleased with the comparison to the pictures from over the new year.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but we ended up buying a small TV to put next to my computer so I can surf and save the world from total destruction (aka play video games) at the same time. I just got back from lugging the thing from the store. They offered to give me a cart, but I decided to be “manly” about it and carry it myself. My hands are still a little shaky from that. I think it feels good doing some thing the hard way.

Today was pretty cool. After work me and adoa took a trip to a Golf Club in/near Xindian (more Taipei countiness). This was a driving range on the fifth floor of a shopping center (I know we don’t have anything like that in the Miltown). I’ll get the business card of the place next time I go.

[Note: This driving range had an automatic ball dispenser and the balls came up from under ground. It had a digital counter/timer on it. It was definitely hotness. I realized this info would make the rest of this make a little more sense.]

We must have spent about 2 hours there. They had 2 options for paying. Buying 100 balls for 200NT or hit as many as you can in a hour for 300NT. We decided to each get 100 balls to see how that went first. Adoa must have ripped through his 100 balls in about 15 minutes (well, maybe 20 or so) and started the 1 hour deal before I got through 50 balls. He started getting tired so we switched and let me on the timed one and he started using up my balls at a slower pace. His slower pace still ended up using my balls up real quick (I thought any way) so we shared the time on the hour one.

Well, to shorten things up we ended up creaming 330 balls in an hour (I think, it was definitely over 300). So next time we go we’ll just share the 1 hour package.

After I got home I just messed around with the PC doing some work on the miltownkids.com site, looking at mail, you know, the usual. Then I picked up the TV. I’ll probably get a picture of my new setup when I hook it up (I haven’t even opened the box yet).

I almost forgot about the 1337 h4Kc3r part! Yesterday I caught Hackers on TV. Man was that nice! I mean, the movie sucked, but it sucked so good. It was fun watching a movie that depicted a rather large piece of my life, not that I’m a leet hacker (1337 = leet = elite) or anything. I never knew the life of a 1337 hacker was so action packed (friends getting busted by the secret service every other day, crazy parties, nipple rubbing, etc.), but I should have guessed judging from the superstar life I lead. I also didn’t know Eminem was a hacker before he started rapping.

Enough reading/talking/typing. On to the Pictures.

Here’s the streets on a usual day.

See the previous pictures here. (Click Here!)
Crowded Streets of Taipei County

Crowded Streets of Taipei County

Crowded Streets of Taipei County

Crowded Streets of Taipei County

Black Man Toothpaste

Black Man Toothpaste

Taiwan has some cool items. Black Man Toothpaste be having my teeth on BLING BLING! mode all day.



Shots of the Course

Roof Golf

Roof Golf

These two pictures are courtesy of adoa.
Me teed off

Me teed off

Tomorrow The Pingster and I will celebrate the day of Valentines. It’ll be dinner and a movie. Doesn’t get much more romantic than that does it?

And one more thing. Added that Google ad thing just to flex my hacker muscles. I like seeing the different ads that pop up. Hope it doesn’t piss anyone off.

OK, it’s been a long one. Peace.

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