Just got done skyping (using Skype to talk PC to PC) an old homey from the Miltown. He is the one some of you (like 2 people) may know of as “The Genius Dude” (anyone that can rock Ninja Gaiden the way he can is a genius in my book). It was excellent to finally get a hold of him and I look forward to future correspondence.

Talking with him has taken away typing time (maybe that’s a good thing). Today was just work, followed by more work. When I was done with my usual 3 hour gig in the morning I had to jump on a train to Shulin (樹林) to substitute for a friend. I got home, ate food and rocked the net (aka surfed the net). I think I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Here’s my morning class.

My class (of kids).

That reminds me. I have two new students for the new semester. One of them was really quiet at first, but then he started getting into things. The other one is big and likes to talk a lot. For instance, I was going through everyone’s name and I said one girls name “Vivian” and he goes “hahahahaha ha!” Bian bian (便便) aka Dookie or Doo Doo. Ha ha, real funny.

The two kids are Oscar and Teddy.

These are two kids from the substitute job.

Two Student Posing

Here’s a picture of me that Jeffery took. Rates about a 3 on the sexiness scale.

Me (a picture a student took)

Here’s a movie of me taking a movie of Jeffrey after he took a picture of me. Watch as he knocks his head against the table. HA!

More Students Posing

More Student Posing

Paper Rock Scissors… Taiwan Style!

Paper, Rock, Scissors!

This didn’t come out so good, but it’s one of the many variations of paper rock scissors you’ll see from time to time.

Looks like my kind of bike

Looks like a scooter I'd drive

I saw this on my way into the train station and thought I’d snap a pic. Looks like something I’d want to have if I drove a scooter in Taiwan. I bet it has a Batman style jet engine and everything.

Ah yes. Happy Valentines day to all!
Here’s a little something for any gals (or guys, why the heck not :D) that may stumble across my blog today. A Valentines Day card from me to you.

A Valentine's Day Card

Asta Man(<- little squiggly thing)ana.

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  1. bummpy says:

    Here goes a better angle.

  2. bummpy says:

    I guess the comment section doesn’t like img tags.

    Well then…

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