Last Day Day #11

School starts tomorrow, well, work. I’m actually looking forward to it as it’s been getting a little boring at home (not really, but I like teaching :D). Adoa will be there tomorrow as well so it should be good times. I decided not to blog yesterday as I thought it was too late, but here’s the recap.

Tetsuo called about playing some games. I called Frost and the two of them came over for some video gaming and pizza. That went good and all.

Today was (The) Game Club. Did the game club thing. Then had dinner with with Lui. It’s late so I’ll get straight to the pictures today. I’d have written more, but I got a “tech support” call from Sinister T about some stuff. I forgot to mention that I got him setup with some webspace and stuff Friday night and now he’s all geeked up about making pages.

Oh, also did a new splash page over at miltownkids (updated it anyways).

Here’s what I was going to blog last night, but didn’t.

Crappy Comic

I think I might start feeding the cats around the house.
Crappy Comic

Til the morn’

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1 Response to Last Day Day #11

  1. bummpy says:

    Firstly, that comic rocks the SOCKS!!!

    Secondly, do whatever it is you gotta do to shut those damn things up.

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