A Productive Day #8

I think I had my most productive vacation day today. I got most of my work for the next semester done, did a little work on my sites and bought another 256MB of RAM for the ol’ PC. This kick up to 512MB is a nice change. I think I was having low memory problems before the upgrade. Things are MUCH smoother now. I’m also considering getting a cheap video card (or new processor) for a little more beef.

What happened to the good ol’ days when 1MB was enough?

Well, it was mostly just work today. Ah! I also got The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (AKA: The Master Killer) DVD on my way to the computer market. I think I might watch that tomorrow. Other things I’ll do tomorrow is play Metal Gear and wrap-up any odd things left on my to-do list (mostly school and website stuff), then I’ll spend all day Saturday on my video game machines.

I did end up getting those early morning “Where is everybody?” pictures. I took them at about 7:30am. I’ll get some other pictures to contrast the emptiness these pictures will show. A usually 7:30am (any day of the week) would be a lot busier.

If any of you Taiwananites happen to stop by (foreign or local), I took these on the corner of Zhulin and Yonghe St. (right past the Zhongzheng bridge near the Dingxi MRT station).

Where is everybody? WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO!?!

Empty streets

Empty streets

Empty streets

Empty streets

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1 Response to A Productive Day #8

  1. bummpy says:

    Woah!! That’s about the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen… EVER!!

    It’s like creepy B-line horror movie.

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