Vacation Day #7

Man, I ended up going to sleep at like 9 yesterday. That’s the earliest I’ve gone to bed in years (at least that’s what it seems like). Not much happened worth talking about yesterday. I spent most of the day on the computer then I went out to meet Levi at Mc Donald’s. After that I-Ping and I went shopping for a boom box.

I almost ended up getting a little TV, but I-Ping talked me out of it. She said I should just a little flat screen one instead of the regular kind (I want to put it next to my computer). My mom asked me what was behind that window in my “office”, so I figured I’d take some pictures of that for her (actually, I’m about to do that now, I don’t think I took one picture all day yesterday).

When it gets a little lighter (it’s like 6am right now) I might go get some pictures of the ghost towniness of Taibei (county) because of the it being the New Year. Normally I’d here scooters rippin’ up and down my little alley right now, but all I hear is silence (can you hear silence?)

Let me get some pictures…

Out the window

Out the window

The Porch

The Porch

The Porch

In the Window

Out the window

Shot out the corner (this is the only “view” I have from there).

Out the window

I took that last shot with my camera’s night setting. I’m actually kind of pleased with it. I should post the crap I got using a flash and no flash (but I’m sure you’ve all taken/seen a crap night shot).

Today should be a get-shit-done day. The main things I want to cross off my to do list is all the stuff I need to get ready for the next school semester. In case you didn’t notice I didn’t go to the South of Taiwan. Decided to stay here and get stuff done (but now I’m all alone :().

I’ll be posting later with more pics and stuff.

The Kid

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