New Year’s Eve (End of Day #6)

Well I wrote something once already, but Firefox crashed :(. That’s OK, as it wasn’t much, plus it should teach me to get into the habit of saving what I write before I do all my editing.

I just got back from dinner at the families house. The spread was good and it we had those big shrimp I like (I ate about 3 of’m). I also had a bit of everything else that was there. While we were eating I got to see Terminator 3 for the first time. It wasn’t as good as the other two, but it didn’t totally suck either.

I’m going to get straight to the pictures because it feels funny writing something I just wrote a minute ago again.

Here’s Irene the Beauty Queen (and her Asian Micheal Jackson dew)

New Year's Eve

Here’s the spread (and I Ping flexing her chopstick skill)

New Year's Eve

Those Big Shrimp

New Year's Eve

A Close-Up of the Big Shrimp

New Year's Eve

Two Big Shrimp Down One to Go

New Year's Eve

?喜發財! 紅包拿來!

Translation: Give up the Red Envelope! Or I’m calling the Westside click foo’!

New Year's Eve

Not sure what’s going on here.

New Year's Eve


The rooster clucked as I was typing.

Now this rooster needs to go to bed.

clucktownkid is out!

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