Vacation Day #5 Concluded

After coming home from the Super Bowl thing I jumped on the computer and did computery things. Everything went by in a blur, but I remember talking to my mom with Skype and having a 4 way conversation between Bummpy (The Bro), rcebrnr and robonutz (well and obviously myself). During that time The Pingster decided that she didn’t want the computer because the tape was on there twice and she thought it had been returned.

After that we went to the hospital to see my niece, she’s really sick with something, but she looked good when I saw her. I’ll have to get a picture of her, she has this Asian old school Micheal Jackson hair dew going on. I think it’s fly. Then it was off to I Ping’s brother’s house to drop some stuff off (I caught a nice nap then). When we got back I researched the laptop and found out that these new Celerons are OK (I guess), so she decided to keep it.

Then I met YC at Carnegie’s to chat about webtacular stuff over a burger and some beers and marched my butt home.

I wasn’t as snappy with the camera today, but I did catch this gangster looking dude on the MRT.



I thought he was about to whip out a Tommy Gun in that second pic. It’s New Years Eve tomorrow, so I don’t think many stores will be open (if any), but I’ll be having din din with the family. I’m also looking forward to picking up a second model in my Metal Gear collection (and looking at the other collections they have).

Answer: Lickalotapuss

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1 Response to Vacation Day #5 Concluded

  1. The Man says:

    And make sure to look up in that case on the top for Jabba and friends. 😉

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