Day #6 Clean for a New Year

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve so I finished cleaning my room. There’s something about you need to have your house and stuff clean before New Year’s day, or else you’ll be poor or something, so to build on that theory, I showered, shaved, cut my hair and put on clean everything (like you’re probably suppose to do everyday anyway).

I’m about to go to my wife’s family’s house to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. I’ll leave you with photos of the finished room and the finished me.

Some miscellaneous things I got done today are/were; getting my own name servers setup (not many people will care about this, but when I give someone settings they’ll get instead, all the domains I have are now pointing to the new name server, got a little something up on (well shit, there was something there, must still be refreshing) until I do something with it and just browsed around the net. At least my room is finally finished, that’ll help me get motivated to get more things done tomorrow.

On to the pictures!

Here’s where I mostly am… mostly.

The office

See how organized my video games and videos are. Wouldn’t mom be proud. 😀

The office

Here’s a corner shot. Look at all them Post-its.

The office

The other corner’s looking a little dry right now.

The office

miltownkid NEW AND IMPROVED!

The office

MILTOWN! Represent!

The office

The room is feeling a little bland right now, but as time goes on I’ll be picking up some posters and stuff to give it some flavor. That be about it.


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2 Responses to Day #6 Clean for a New Year

  1. lokerman says:

    Good day

    Have a look to a interesting video I compiled to show off the dervishs dance from the guildwars nightfall weekend event.
    The dance the dervish does is the same one that Christoper Walken did in the video for Fatboy Slims’ – Weapon of choice music video (hence the music used)

    Post your comments please


    Original for those that may not have seen it

  2. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

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