GC, DDR, IBM and NFL (Vacation Day #4 and 5#)

The word for today is Acronym.

GC =’s Game Club

Game club was a little sleepy yesterday, but I enjoyed it none the less. I had some victories in the Boggle coliseum. After a short spell of gaming, Gubo and I headed to Ximending to browse models (cool car, video game and anime ones). Models are going to be another way I can blow cash. I ended up picking up an Iroquois Pliskin model (picture will be last of the batch). Then we moved onto Acronym #2.

Changed my mind. Solid Snake!


DDR =’s Dance Dance Revolution

This is game that was played. After I had a good first song and failed the third we walked around a bit. It was actually after the the DDR session that I pick up Pliskin. We left the arcade, parted ways, and it was on to Acronym #3.

Drum Mania 10th Mix? When did 1-9 come out?

Drum Mania

IBM =’s International Business Machines Corporation

Me and I Ping went to get her laptop. I had a nice one picked out, but she ended up going with a cheaper model. Now it looks like she might want to take the cheaper one back and get the one I had picked out originally. We’ll see. Acronym #4.

NFL =’s National Football League

Got up early this morning to watch the Super Bowl at The Tavern. Ate a nice breakfast, enjoyed the Super Bowl and some fine Japanese TV (on mini bar TVs), and left.

Breakfast of CHUMPIONS!


This Bud’s for ME!




Inside the The Tavern

The Tavern

The Tavern

501 and the 101

The Tavern

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1 Response to GC, DDR, IBM and NFL (Vacation Day #4 and 5#)

  1. The Man says:

    And the poster formerly known as Gubo spotted YC while crossing Xinsheng after GC, but YC didn’t know it. 😉

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