Fast Cars and Movies Stars (Vacation Day #2)

Note: This is a pimp ass blog right here. Enjoy yourself! ๐Ÿ˜€ You might want to grab a beer or something while you read this. (I’ll try to keep up the hard work)

Snazzy title eh? I had quite a jam packed, busy, fun filled, adventurous day today. Lets start at the logical starting point (the beginning).

After waking up I got right to business with my to do list. I did some website things (not worth discussing) and setup another blog to track work I do on the domain ([Click Here] for that blog). That will make keeping track of updates to easier. Anytime I update this site or any of my other wacky sites I’ll probably write about it here.

During my computing I got a message from the poster formally known as Gubo about heading out to some big new mall in/near Neihu. Sounded good to me, so around 12:00 I headed out the door for a late breakfast.

I decided to head straight to Taibei Main and eat at a Mc Donald’s or something around there. Going through Taibei Main station I saw a performer that was in the usual performer spot. Since I was rolling with the fanny pack (geared to the teeth with electronics) I snapped a photo and recorded a bit of the melodies.

Take a break for a few seconds and enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜€

The Violin Guy (Click for Audio)
Violin Guy

After arriving at my destination a problem arose. Mc Donald’s was much to crowded to try to eat there, so I opted for something much healthier (Burger King). After a delicious Burger King lunch/breakfast I ran over to a computer book shop to pick up a book on getting the A+ certification that I order about 1.5 months ago. A friend here (501) wants to get it so I told him I’d help him out. I forgot to mention that while I was in the underground store at Taibei Main I had to satiate my need for Kung Fu movies, so I picked up the One Armed Swordsman Trilogy and an old school Jet Li movie.

Back on track. From the book store I headed over to Nova (a computer mall thing) to do some laptop shopping for I Ping. I shopped around and found a unit she’d probably like, then I made my way to meet Gubo.

On my way back through Taibei Main there was a new performer at the performer spot. I decided to snap and record like last time (and drop 50NT in the box like last time, I forgot to mention that). Take another short blog reading break.

Flute Guy (Click for Audio)
Flute Guy

Upon meeting Gubo we dove into the line to that big mall out in Neihu (I’ll have a name for it one day). While waiting in line we saw fast car #1

Fast Car #1

A Ferrari of some sort I believe. It was a short bus ride and then we arrived at our destination.

The Big Mall in Neihu!

The Big Mall

Don’t let that Ferris Wheel fool you. It looks that big because it’s on the roof.

Gubo and I were rather disappointed with the mall. It had a bunch of clothes for guys and gals. A tiny toys department and tiny electronics department. I did come away with a nice hamburger/sandwich (which Gubo properly title the Hamwich). That was a pleasant surprise. I also got to see a couple of pics I’ll share with you.

HEBE House

Why is this odd/funny you ask? Well, if you frequented game club or have an above average grasp of the English language you’d know that hebe is:

Pronunciation: ‘hEb
Function: noun
Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: short for Hebrew
usually offensive : JEW

I just this minute also found out that it can be:

Main Entry: Heยทbe
Pronunciation: ‘hE-bE
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from Greek HEbE
: the Greek goddess of youth and a cupbearer to the gods

Those definitions were brought to you courtesy of

Kid's Barber Shop

I don’t remember having cool barbershops like this when I was a kid. You get to sit in a cool chair and watch cartoons (Pengu at the time). SWEET!

Ferris #1

Ferris #2

Two shots of the Ferris wheel (I wonder if I’m spelling Ferris right?)

While we were at the mall we noticed Meet the Fockers had came out. We decided to see it, but not there, so we jumped on the free bus to ZhongShan (Junior High Schoo DOH!) and when to that Theater on/near Linsen North Road.

The movie was good, I’d recommend it (laughed many times for many reasons). That was where I saw the stars (Dustin, Stiller, Babara, Deniro, etc.) When we left we saw fast car #2.

The car that gets me all excited (still).


Mazda RX-8

That, my friends, is a Mazda RX-8. Then it was a walk to the MRT (with a short discussion about a technique I’ve discovered for running up stairs in flip-flops or sandals and reducing the changes of trips to almost 0). It was a ZhongShan (the right one) that we parted ways.

Then I came home and wrote this ๐Ÿ˜€

miltown out!

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