The First Day of Vacation

I kicked off my vacation right by attending KTV last night with the crowd. I got to sing many a song and had a good time. It got real cold again this week, but real cold here is like a real cold spring day back home :D. There is no snow to shovel, bitter cold fingers and hot cocoa (though that’d be a plus).

I slept in nice and late today (got up around 11:00am), jumped on the PC to do my usual PCing and now I’m going to start my vacation road map. What’s that you ask? Basically I have 11 days with nothing to do, so I want to make sure I get a lot done. The main things are:
Website things (for all of my domains)
House cleaning and organizing
Completing and starting some video games (yes, I will chart which ones I want to beat and which I’ll start)
Finish and starting some books
Getting organized for the next school semester.

I’ll be blogging again later today, so that’s enough for now. One new “toy” I got was a domain.

If you look at or .net you’ll be redirected to one of the largest English newspapers in Taiwan. If you go to you’ll see that it doesn’t go anywhere… yet MWAHAHA MWHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!. You’re reading the blog of the proud owner of I’m not sure what I’m going to put there, but I imagine it’ll be good.

blog out

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