At the net cafe

I have a really crap keyboard so I’m not going to write much. I’ll be seeing Kung Fu Hustle in a few minutes. That should be a good see. I started getting my computer area in order again. I had to start from where I left off when the bro got here. There are just some CDs to organize right now. I’ll get a page up about the finished product when it’s uhh… finished.

I don’t want to put up with this key board any longer. ‘Till tomorrow.

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2 Responses to At the net cafe

  1. john says:

    hah. ..i should watch that tonight. .
    found it the other day. ..and i’ve yet to watch it. //

  2. Elizabeth Schultz says:

    It’s Bizzy—-I got your phone messages… but you left no
    phone number so how could I get in touch with you? While you called
    I was much closer to Taipei than usual (I was in New Zealand).
    Email me or call me or text message me, or something. I miss you.

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