MMA and Gaming Day

That MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) event last night was really nice (did I say I was going to one?). There were good match-ups and the fights had some good ending. Someone got one of those triangle choke things put on them and the guy tapped, and there were also a few taps from arm bars. One guy even tapped standing from a barrage of knees to the head. All and all a nice event (and the price was right, free).

Before the fights I got to put my Nike Air Force 2’s to the test on the courts and I think they held up well. Mine are full tops (I hear they’re hard to get now) so that allowed me to to generate maximum ankle breakage with little risk of ankle breakin’ (Note: BREAKING ANKLES— Making an offensive move that all but makes the defender fall over.) I’m digging B-Ball and will one day learn how to “take it to the hole”.

Today was your average Sunday. A chill morning on the PC followed by game clubbing. Today I learned a new game called Puerto Rico, then player a bunch of Boggle.

Now I shall retire to the place where the bed bugs might bite.

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