Breath In, AAAAaaaaahhhh…

It was a blast having my bro over from the US, but it’s also nice having things back to “normal”. In the usual miltownkid fashion (which I’m working on changing :)) we arrived at the airport “right on time” about 45 minutes before his plane left. On top of that we ended up getting off the bus at the wrong terminal. I assumed he was at terminal #1, but China Airlines recently moved to terminal #2. They were able to check his bags in and do the exit stuff at that terminal, so it wasn’t a big problem.

I spent a lot of yesterday at my school getting things ready for the end of the semester. I didn’t leave until about 6:00pm, I was in and out though since I live so close.

I have a full plate of things to do today. There’s the HK breakfast buffet thing at around 12:00, then hoops at 2:00 and later in the day there’s a NHB (No Holds Barred, I think that’s what it means anyway) events going on at one of the Universities. I’ll be rolling with my digital camera today, so I’ll have many a pic to put up. I also have a big back log of pics to put up, plus some pics my bro took. I’ll be slowly releasing them to the public.

That’s good for now.

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