One, Oh One.

The Bro made it to the 101 today. Unlike the sunny day we had yesterday, it was all clouds today. We got some pictures, looked about and flew out. Don’t have much else to say. Today just consisted of the usual day to day living stuff.

Here’s a song I came up with due to “irregularity”.

“Rolling with the shit-tee but hole”

“Dry-wet-dry can’t save your soul.” (funny for those of you that know of the dry-wet-dry technique).

Oh yeah, I picked up some new kicks at the night market in Shilin with the bro last night. A steal at 1,300NT for some Air Force 2’s (I hope it was anyway). I was just glad to get some shoes that feet my (relative) gorilla feet. These are the shoes I’ll (hopefully) be hooping in this weekend.

I’ve been slow with pictures and jazz lately. I hope to correct that when my Bro exit’s stage East.

Quote of the day – “Sometimes it pays to pay.” (I thought I made this one up, but Google seems to disagree.)

Here’s a quote I did make up and Google (and the one other guy on the Internet) agrees with me: “Morals are for mortals.” – miltownkid

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