Already messed up my record

Well, I think I’ll be able to do at least every other day :). I talked to the elementary school principal today and told her I wanted to stay in the kindergarten. That’s means next month (and the months following) I’ll be able to stick to the relaxed lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to. I will be looking for some more part-time work though to fill up some more time in the week and earn some extra money.

I was planning on taking my brother on the “WORLD’S FASTEST ELEVATOR” today, but it’s 4:30pm and he’s still sleeping. Maybe this is some kind of delayed jet lag or something. He needs to get up real quick if he wants to see it today.

I’m slowly getting back on my daily computing track. That feels nice. Hopefully after Chinese New Year I’ll have a nice routine going. Something like; up at 7:00, work 8-11, lunch, Study Chinese, hit the gym, read, compute, video game, misc, sleep by 11:00 (at the latest). I think that’d be a nice schedule to have.

Something else I plan on doing is getting some software for my Palm and tracking my spending habits. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do out of curiosity. We’ll soon see if that idea materializes since I want to start at the beginning of next month.

that’s the word on the street.

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