Let’s see

Yesterday was the first day I’ve ever cut a hamburger in half. That felt odd. This burger that I cut was located at Chili’s. Chili’s is the spot where I invited adoa out for lunch for his birthday (which was last week). While out during the week this week I saw an old game I much enjoyed. I new adoa was almost done with his current game (for the PS2) so I picked up this game for him as a birthday surprise. JOBNUMBER loaned me this game in the way back when.

After Chili’s we walked over to the 101 so E Bro could snap some shots. We got a bunch of photographs and went on inside. After the Bro took a look at the directory of stores he only saw one that stuck out. Sony Style. We spent a bunch of time in there looking at all things Sony. Then we went over to the Bose store which was next door and looked at expensive (and really cool) speakers.

This morning I played a little Metal Gear 3 and went off to the B-Ball courts for some hoops. We had a few good games (but never won). There was a group of Taiwanese guys there that were holding things down. They went about ten games straight until some old school guys jumped on and showed them how to do it geriatric style.

I’m on my way to a traditional tea house now with The Bro. Then I think he’ll be rocking it out at Luxy.

The Bro has gotten a lot of pictures so far. There’ll be a lot of pictures coming soon.

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