Busy with the Bro

I’m finally recovering from that early trip to the airport and long day I had on Thursday. First it was me feeling tired all the time (sleepy tired). I got over that around Sunday, but it was also Saturday night/Sunday morning that I started feeling a little sickly. Ended up being sick Sunday and worked Monday with no voice (that equals a lot of coloring for the kids). Got to bed early Monday and woke up today feeling pretty good. My voice was good enough to do some minor yelling and all seems to be getting better.

A quick recap of evens since I last posted is:
Friday: Can’t remember, but I know Bro Man partied like a rock star.
Sat.: Woke up early, played a lot of Halo 2, went to adoa’s house to celebrate his Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUY! again) then did a KTV thing with some students from the University I took my first Chinese class in (and got to see my old Chinese teacher).
Sun.: Some Halo 2, followed by some game clubbing (I think the E Bro had a good time).
Mon.: Work followed by a visit to the Chinese medicine doctor (with some Halo 2 in the middle of course).
Tuesday has just been work and Halo 2 as well. E Bro has done some other stuff other then Halo 2, but he can talk about that stuff on his site.

Somewhere in this jumble of days I also played a nice chuck of the newest Metal Gear. It’s two thumbs way up so far (but I’m not very deep into it yet).

I have movies and pictures, but I won’t get those up until after E Bro leaves (I don’t think). Maybe I’ll make a little site about his visit to Taipei or something (time/motivation permitting).

love peace and chicken grease

Oh yeah. The Bro alos got to DJ once thus far. I know he liked that.

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