The Gradual Move to My Site

I got a page up at (that’s my personal site, notice how it lacks the S) just now. It’s basically just a link to my blog, but there will be more to come. Today was long and busy. Getting up early to pick the bro up at the airport, working (briefly), getting his phone activated and going to the Chinese medicine doctor didn’t mix well with five hours of sleep. I ended up missing Mandarin class today, but I don’t plan on letting that become a usual event.

The government has put a new rule in place that requires a person to register those SIM cards purchased from 7eleven (and the like). That was a little more trouble than I would have liked. I’d tell you all about the crap I went through, but who wants to here that. Basically I ended up going to two different stores and one store twice because someone miss typed the number, but all was well in the end (isn’t it always)?

The brain is racked. I best get to sleep.

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