Return of the Miltown Bro (aka Bummpy)

I’m going to bed late and need to get up early, but I thought I’d lay down some words before sleep time. The Bro Man comes into Taibei at 6:15am and I’ll be there to greet him. He’ll be here for a couple of weeks, so that should generate a few adventures/stories that would be blogworthy. I’ll remember to bring my camera with me too to snap some pictures of… something cool I hope.

Today was pretty jam packed. After work I substituted at another school which is a train ride away. That was from 2-6:30. I met this guy at the school that’s studying political science in a university here (noteworthy because he’s doing it all in Chinese). He told me to let him know if I ever need anything because he knows “people”. It’s always good to know “people” that know “people”. I bet it’s even better to know people that know “people” that know “people” (or maybe that’s worse :S). The other cool thing about this guy is that he was into philosophy and jazz. You know, Plato and them cats (people). I like philosophy, but haven’t done much reading (just lots of philosophizing).

After that sub job I went straight to Taipei Sports Bar for the Forumosa(.com) Happy Hour. Met a bunch of new people and saw old familiar faces. That was nice. Then I went home. Checked mail and had the… my wife heat me up a cinnamon role :lol:. I need to get to bed now.

As robonutz would say,

Catch you on the flip side.

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1 Response to Return of the Miltown Bro (aka Bummpy)

  1. The Man says:

    Ugh, dragged myself out of TSB at 1:30 AM. Left smellin like smoke and wasted dreams (OK, not really, but it sounds dramatic). I think you were wise to leave early…Say hi to the Miltownbro.

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