Moving Again

I’m going to move my blog from it’s current spot to over the next few days. During that time I might not post (or I might). Just giving the heads up to… probably mom and adoa lol.

Things to report. I started 3 months worths of Chinese medicine today. Basically I’ll be going twice a week for three months in order to help my bi-polarness (or something). I really wasn’t game to spending the money on it but my wife thinks it’s a good idea. If she’s happy, I’m happy (plus I don’t think it’s going to hurt, if anything, it should help :D).

Over the last few days I’ve gotten my computer super organized. It’s very nice I must say. My computer room still isn’t completely complete. I need to organize some stuff I have piled up on the couch. After I take care of that, I’ll hook up some pictures.

I went and redid the forum categories again. Have a look if you like. I’m going to start posting on our forum more and on less from now on. I’m also going to start promoting our forum after we get a logo made and some tweaks done.

Tis all for now.


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