New Hobbies

I can’t remember if I’ve written about basket ball, but I’m going to be giving that a whirl from here on out. It’s far easier jumping in a game of hoops here than trying to get in a game of soccer. My new friend (the one who’s Strikers: 1945 skills were lacking) invited me to the local pool hall to… play pool I guess (I seem to lack a cool nick-name for pool). I still suck at pool as much as I did back home, but he gave me some tips. He’s a funny dude. I told him my name K-eye Shee (in Mandarin) and he said he’ll just call me “Cash”. Then there was a time when he said something real fast that I could catch and when I asked him to repeat it he said (miltownkid translation) “Don’t pay attention to everything I say because I’m a little (start swirling the finger around his temple)”. I told him it’s all good ’cause I’m a little crazy too (Aint we all).

Paul (adoa) got his Skype up and running on his laptop today and we did a test call (and it was crystal clear). He’s been having problems with it from home, so I’m have to investigate his PC again.

My Mandarin class is going good. I’m going to finish up book 1 this weekend by myself, and get tested on book one and start book 2 next Tuesday. I like the one on one classes, but I plan on finding some classmates after I get to a higher level book so I can do class everyday of the week, instead of just twice a week one on one. I think a one on one class everyday of the week would be pretty boring.

I got my bro and Mac’s websites setup today. I found a nice program for keeping track of passwords, setup Thunderbird and got my email accounts organized the other day.

miltownkid’s thought of the moment:
I know that earthquake/tsunami was terrible, but remember, tens of thousands of people die everyday from lack of the most basic needs for life.

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