Freestyle rappin aint where it’s happenin’ cause bloggin’s where it’s at… Pet my kitty cat… Take a trip with me to school and see what I did today… Feed my horse some hey… Rolled to school late cause going to bed late will have you getting up late… Watching monkeys climb my gate… After school was cool, this gangster dude and I acted a fool, playing Raiden project… Gorillas gotta earn my respect… After Raiden we played Strikers cause that’s my favorite shit to play, dude died all day, while I was rocking shit out with one credit… Singing “Bananas Unite”… Rolled to the crib and did, the things I always do, not Halo 2, even though I shoulda played… Cheetahs drink Gatorade… Then talked to the brother name Bummpy for like 2 hours and did my home work (Chinese).

Thanks to Monkey for the freestyle rappin’ tips.

To clear a few things that may not have came across so well in the rap. When I went to the arcade near my house to play Strikers 1945 a young dude got me to play another game with him first and then we played Strikers together (he was pretty bad though). Talked to the bro using Skype today for like 2.5 hours. He should be on his way back to The Miltown soon, then he leaves for Taiwan next week.

I haven’t gotten any of my recent (and old pictures) up because I’ve been busy with getting that website (www.taipeisportsbar.com) to work. I think the last issue he was having finally got resolved so I’ll probably get that account (my first one, yay! :D). I should also be back to my usual posting schedule.

The Bananas Unites song was this silly song one of the English Teachers taught all the kids this morning. If I remember the lyrics correctly they go:

Peel, peel, peel peel bananas
Cut, cut, cut cut bananas
Eat, eat, eat eat bananas
GO!, GO!, GO! GO! BANANAS! (you need to jump up and down pumping your fists in the air for this part)

No music, just movements. Looks like I have some competition for the silly song crown at my school.

emceekid is outtie 5000

PS yay is not a word. Someone kindly tell me the correct spelling of yay.

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3 Responses to Wrapped

  1. Miltownmom says:

    Keep up the good posting. You know you have at least one loyal reader. Maybe talking to miltown bro so late got him leaving late for Miltown!

  2. Frost says:

    I would spell it “yea”

  3. The Man says:

    The correct spelling of yay is yay. It is a glorious colloquialism (as well as being an anagram) and is in no way related to acronyms, intialisms, or Jimmy Hoffa.

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