QWERTY, who loves ya baby? I do.

I been trying to breakup with QWERTY again, but like with any long term relationship it’s easier said than done. Part of the reason I haven’t posted for the last couple days was because of being a little busy and a little slacker than usual, the other part was me trying to use Dvorak again. Dvorak is basically another method for typing that moves the keys around and is suppose to be easier on the fingers. I’m pretty good at it, but it brought productivity way down. It felt like a chore writing more than a few sentences so I pretty much stopped writing anything that last few days.

I didn’t do anything special for New Years and the “office” (my computer room) is almost clean so I’ll get the pictures of it up soon (no need to inspire mom though, her room is clean too now). On New Years day in the US (Sunday here) I got to talk to my mom and a bunch of her friends via Skype and I even got to see her using a WebCam through MSN. That was nice.

I had a bunch of stuff to say about the tsunami/earthquake, feelings and such, but I’ll save that for another day maybe.

Hope everyone had good time over the new year.


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