Got much done these past two days

These last two days have felt like a busy week. I’m signed up for Mandarin classes again now. Got a bunch of reading in my HTML book done. Came up with some new designs and icons for the site (those might come next week). Registered a domain name for my blog ( of course). Been working on getting my first potential hosting client working (located at Turned my computer room/office upside down in an attempt to get organized (I should be done tomorrow).

There was also another battle that went down yesterday. I was working on getting my room cleaned and was attacked by the Star Ninja. Luckily my Lakitu was following me and took snapshots of the whole event. I’ll try to get that up by the weekend.

After I get the room cleaned maybe I’ll put some pics up to inspire my mom ;).

That’s about all that comes to mind right now. I’m a little burned out from cleaning all day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Star Ninjas?

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