Tired, need sleep.

Made it out to the gym today. It’s been almost a month since I’ve been there, but I think I’ll get that going again now. I just did the treadmill for about 30 minutes. I talked to mom for a little bit after school and got her setup with Skype. I also got yelled at for calling the wife “the wife”, so I’ll stick to I Ping or Pingster from now on (or until I convince her that it’s cool saying the wife). Paul (aka adoa) saw my last blog about how cool Skype is so I’m going to go to his house tomorrow to mess around with his settings so we can get it to work properly.

Might as well keep rolling with the Skype ball and tell yall I spoke with my brother for 2 and a half hours with Skype today. He also ended up buying plane tickets and will have feet in Taipei on January 13 (now you’re in the know mom). Not much else to say except I want to sleep.

miltownkid out

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