Skype is tight

Posting again while on the phone. If you haven’t installed and setup it up already, do it now. Installed and setup what you ask? Nothing else but Skype of course. I’m not sure if better alternatives exist, but it’d be hard to believe if they do. I’ve chatted through AIM and MSN now and Skype blows them both out of the water. I think the quality of the connection is better than when I’m calling the US using my cellphone. I think I will almost completely stop using my cellphone to call back home and only use the headset-mic and computer. I mentioned this is free right? As long as your going PC-to-PC it’s free. You can also make calls to LAN lines, but there’s a fee for that. That fee is much less than the fee on my cell phone. I’ll honestly be saving a lot of money using this. I wish I set this up earlier.

Today I played a little B-Ball until it got rained out. Went to game club. Our location was busy hosting another event, so I messed around at the Taida soccer field for a little while while waiting for some people to show up. After we got reorganized we went to another venue and had it there.

After the club I had dinner with the wife and her mom. Her mom said she’d teach me Taiwanese when my Mandarin gets a little better. She also told me I should spend more time studying and less time playing B-Ball and chess :D.

I’m actually talking to Macrus as I type this. We were using AIM, but I got him to install Skype and it was much clearer.

I’ll report after trying a call back home to my mom to her house pone using Skype and let you know how it goes.


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