BLOG the movie

I just got back from this Japanese film that was directed by a Taiwanese guy. The film’s name was Cafe Lumiere. I’m still not sure what it was about, but it was definitely different. It really felt like I was watching a blog or a webcam (as Gubo put it). Not much else to report. Chilled at home. Finished the rant on acronyms at forumosa (I’m still writing to Oxford out of curiosity), so I’ll be back to updating the site, reading my books and playing Xbox/PS2.

I didn’t have a co-teacher at work today and things went much more smoothly than they have in the past when I was in situations like that. I was surprised that I kept the kids in line and kept class flowing smoothly all on my own. I kind of liked yelling at the kids in Chinese and English. Fun stuff.

Briefly talked to my brother bummpy today. He was telling me about how cold it was in the MN and I told him about having all the doors and windows open and relaxing in my T-Shirt. I miss snow, but I think I’d rather not have to deal with the cold/snow on the daily than be able to enjoy a day or three of sledding each year.

Mom, here’s Paul’s blog for you (I forgot to send the link). I need to get my links and stuff in order. I’ll just chalk that up as one more thing to do.

All right. G-night.

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