Gillette TKOed in first!

[See Round 1 Here]

I didn’t even get sweaty before the fight was over. Friday morning before school I got this message:

[omitted] to me Dec 17 (1 day ago) December 16, 2004 Mr. [miltownkid], Thanks for visiting our website! We have forwarded your email to the Gillette office in your country. You should receive a local response within 15 business days. If you do not get a reply, please let me know. Thanks again for visiting our site and for your comments! [Gillette Guy]. Product Specialist 4474590A

I was going to post this when I got home, but by the time I got home from school I got this message:

< [Taiwan Gillette Guy]> to me Dec 17 (1 day ago) Dear Mr. [miltownkid], Pls kindly send defective Gillette Shaving Gel back to Taiwan branch office(Adds: 7F, 99, Fu-Hsin N. Rd., Taipei / Tel: 02-27197366) for after service handling. Best regards, Consumer Service / Gillette Taiwan Inc.

They threw in the towel before I even had a chance to throw any hard shots. I think I know who to compare Gillette with with it comes to the ring. Glass Joe I don’t think I’ll be sending this can in. I’m going to drop by the office and claim my prize (camera in hand of course :D).

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