SQUISH! ketchup

OK, I left you last on Thursday after the Forumosa Happy Hour (which is a once a month get together of all forumosans and anyone really). I spent most of Friday going between my computer and Xbox. Playing a little Halo 2, trying to order my new hosting, playing some fable, reply to emails, more Halo 2, backup my site and my MySQL database, etc. Something about the online ordering system didn’t like my IP address so I had to spend some time figuring out why my order wouldn’t go through (ended up using a proxy server).

Saturday was spent uploading my site to the new host and restoring all of my MySQL databases. I had to change a few configuration files, but surprisingly everything went relatively smooth. I also got the WiKi working Saturday with the upgrade. At around 1:20 I jumped on my bike and pedaled down to Park #4 (isn’t that a creative name?). Why? You ask. To play some B-Ball of course. And (like a basketball player of old) I played in sandals. I think I did pretty good. I made some three pointers (one to be exact, but who’s really counting), did some Jordan like aerial gymnastics (Thanks Yellow Cartman ;)) and had some Magic like no look assists.

A few hours after I got home two guys came over to play Halo. We ended up doing more chatting than playing, but it was still all good. I showed 501 the Banana Phone flash movie, he liked. And now (because he was sad about having no mention of his name when he did a search of his name on my blog) a rap, dedicated to Frost.

Here’s a little story ’bout a guy name Frost.
Came to my house played Tekken and lost.
Thought maybe wit’ Hay Low (Halo) he’d do better.
But dude played that even cheesier than chedda (cheddar).
Hesaidhe’dpracticehard and beat me one day.
And I slapped that bitch said “Get out my house you’re *gay!”


This Sunday my back was a little sore from basketball, but it’s all good. Did more site stuff this morning (talked about that enough), then it was off to the GC. There were some new faces today which was cool. Played Settlers (of K-TAN). Got home a did my moderator duties on Forumosa.com. Then I wrote this.

*I didn’t mean to offend anyone that’s gay. Some of my best friends are gay (like Frost). Honest.

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4 Responses to SQUISH! ketchup

  1. Tetsuo says:

    Ooooooh Frost you done got served.

  2. Frost says:

    Tru Dat, but I will get my revenge. As they say “Revenge is a dish best served….COLD!”

  3. Tetsuo says:

    Tell you what, a big all-day gaming session or something would be the shizznizzle if we could sort it out.

  4. miltownkid says:

    I think it’s more than sortable. I’d be inspired to get more Xbox controls if I can track down more people to play with 😀

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