Forumosa HH

The HH stands for Happy Hour and that’s where I just got back from. I saw STU today! STU was killin’m with this tight ass Dr. Who jerry curl lookin’ thing. I’m only wrote that cause I think he’d be pissed if he saw it, but I know he won’t.

Before that I went to I Ping’s mom’s house to pick up some fruit that needed delivering to her office. Before that I met with Paul (who is totally digging the blogging hotness). After that I went to this eCafe that had really comfortable chairs. Before I met with Paul I had school and we spent most of the day practicing for some performance they’ll have to do next Saturday in front of their parents.

I’m signing up for the host tomorrow and will hopefully have my forum stuff sorted out over the weekend. Got other things to say, but it’s late and I need to get my ugly rest.

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