Host with the most

Will be switching hosts by the end of the week. I’ll probably get all the stuff over to the new host during the weekend and switch the domain name to their name servers sometime after that (I think that’s how it goes). Mom gave me the heads up of another friend’s birthday so I threw together another quick and sloppy page ( No deep thoughts at the mo’ but I plan on gettin’ me some one of these days.

When I’m not using on a friend or letting a friend use it I think I’ll put up birthday’s of rappers/actors/comedians/arteests/politicians/etc. there. That might be fun (and informative for me). I might even put up a whole separate blog for it. In case you have any suggestions for people write about don’t hesitate to send non-blacks as well as blacks :D.

I remember having more to say, but it escapes me now.

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