The weekend

I met up with a fellow game clubber on Saturday to discuss things of the Internet nature. Then we ate pizza and played video games. I even took Halo 2 out of the box before beating part 1 (something I told myself I wouldn’t do), it turned out being a pile of fun. That’s about all that happened Saturday (games, the story of my life). Also beat Fable, can’t forget that (it is a really short game, plus it doesn’t let you continue playing after you beat it like I thought it would).

Today I beat Halo 1 and did more researching to find my new web host (think I’m close now). Played Pictionary at game club and popped over to see a movie with one of the clubbers afterwards (“The Terminal” with that Hanks guy).

I just noticed that I usually post a log of what I did for the day and never any thoughts (is that right?). I’ll keep that in mind for future posting. I never get any feedback (except from my mom who just says she thinks it’s excellent :)) so I don’t know what my other readers want to here (assuming I have some lol).

Something to look forward to is after I have the new hosting account I’ll be making some new silly sites (maybe that’ll be a new hobby).

miltonlid out

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1 Response to The weekend

  1. Miltownmom says:

    You can be guaranteed that you have one faithful reader every day. Any feedback on the birthday greeting to Macrus? I certanly enjoyed that. Khu has left and our life is getting back to normal. It’s nice to have the spare bedroom cleaned up.

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