Don’t know if he’ll get to see this today or not since he’s in CaNAda or something. Today is Thursday and Thursdays are relaxed working at school days, so school was good. After work had lunch with a friend near the Taipei 101 and went to a bookstore in the Taipei 101 afterwards. I went to the store looking for some computer books, but their selection sucked. While strolling over to the Daoism section (which is a habit to do) I came across Tony Robbins new book (“Awaken The Giant Within”) and the Chinese version of “A Brief History of Time” (by Stephen Hawking, I found and bought the English version).

I started the Stephen Hawking book first and can already tell I’ll like it. Got the motivational book because I like reading them (I don’t think I really need any motivation, if anything I should be reading demotivating books :)). Will write reviews for all books I’ve read and get them on the WiKi after I redo it (one of the things on my to do list).

Saw the blind acupuncturist again today (I Ping’s worried about me talking in my sleep). He said it’s not a problem, but if I keep doing it to come back Saturday (I’m going next week no matter what). Paul’s getting excited about getting a blog up so I helped him install wordpress (see my links) so he could get started. Now his blog is up @ http://www.adoaenglish.com/blog. I’ll be meeting him tomorrow to discuss more stuff.

To top off an already mildly action packed day, Halo 2 came (the collector edition). But I’m going to stay true to my words and beat part one before it even gets into my Xbox. Getting things posted early today so I can read some more.

Oh yeah, I also contacted the Genius Dude (as I liked to call him) via email the other day and he got back to me. Mom, you should remember him, he was the guy I met when I was working at @link Networks out in Brookfield.

I haven’t gotten any pictures up in a few days so I’ll either get another set of images up or do a mobile blog from the phone.

miltownkid out

Wait! Almost forgot. I emailed Macrus already, but wasn’t sure if I should post it here (don’t want to offend). Half way through writing I decided I would. Here’s Macrus’ birthday present (I guess this takes care of my picture quota too).

http://www.happybirthdaynigga.com lol

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