Ups and Downs

My web host was down for a day or so. You may or may have not noticed. It’s interesting that it went down right in the middle of me researching hosts and hosting plans. I’m having a lot of fun reading about becoming a web host reseller and plan on going through with it. I don’t plan on making any real money doing it (not right now anyway), really I just want to have the ability to host multiple domains for myself and reseller plans seem to offer the best deals for doing this. And since I’ll have the ability to resell I might as well do it.

Not much to report here. Played a lot of Fable today and yesterday. I heard it’s a short game, but it’s lots of fun to play and there are plenty of things to do and reasons to play through it more than once. I got married (in the game) today and I have the ability to marry guys (did I say that already). I think it has something to do with me dressing kind of “gay” in the game or something (or maybe not, I don’t know).

My mom has a friend that bought an orchid farm in Hawaii or something (well, I guess I’m old enough to say she’s my friend too now, she was like one of those co-moms when I was younger.) Figured I’d throw that in in case she stops by my blog.

Not much else to say. I’ll be seeing Paul tomorrow to talk about things and stuff. I think it would also be a good idea to get the swirl of ideas out of my head and down on paper, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow too. I also have a few more domain names I want to register (more funny/silly ones of course and one for a friend’s birthday).

It’s late, I need to gets to gettin’ (my bottom in the bed).

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