Wizard’s Log Stardate 344789233812QX

I had a cool weekend. Yesterday I met up with some friends to go to a video arcade. Played a bunch of games, but most importantly Dance Dance (Revolution). For some reason I don’t have much else to say about that (but I should have some pictures to put up soon). I also put some time into Halo. I think I’m only one level away from beating it now. Halo 2 hasn’t come yet.

This morning I popped in Fable. I bought the game last Tuesday, opened it up Friday and finally played it today. It looks like this game should be pretty fun. When your playing as a kid you see this guy feeling up this girl behind a house. When you go and talk to him he goes “Whoa?!?, I, Uh. Don’t tell anyone about this and I’ll give you a gold coin.” (gives you a choice to agree, of course I did) then he says something like “That’s a good lad, take my advice and have many women when you get older.” Then the cops found out I did that and told me if I was older I’d get thrown in jail for being an accessory. After that I found the guy’s wife and she gave me a gold coin for telling her where I could find him (then I followed her and watch her cuss him out). During the play in this game you get to decide whether you want to be a good guy or a bad guy. We’ll see how I turn out. I’ll write a proper review and put it in the WiKi.

Speaking of the WiKi I’ll be totally redoing that soon. Going to make it about ME BABY ME! (Jack Black style, if you don’t know click here and find out, fourth one down on the right). I’ll also be upgrading phpBB (technical stuff, no one will notice) and adding a template and finally making some kind of miltownkids logo (after only 2 years). I’m also looking at web host reselling plans, but we’ll talk (you’ll listen) about that later.

I think I already wrote too much today, so I’ll stop here. A flash movie just came to mind. I’ll do another post as a hotlink. Oh, one more thing. At the game club (I think I’ll get a page for that made) I met the owner of Swan Panasia. He’s been bringing board/card games over from around the world to sell here. Since we have a club that meets weekly to play games it made sense that we meet. Basically he’ll help us get another location setup with demo games we could use if we found another suitable coffee house.

OK, enough is too much.

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