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Wow, SumbleUpon coming through for me once again. Not much to talk about today so I thought I’d just post a HotLink. Paul did his demo at school today and they loved him (they all think he’s better than me, which is true). Before we went to school we had a 2 player session of Halo. Now I see where the game shines. If you look at the game with only 1 player mode in mind, it’s just OK (In My Opinion), but playing cooperatively with a second person is lots of fun. So that was cool.

My birthday’s tomorrow, so if you read this today (the 24th) send me positive birthday vibes. I added another game to my library today and have 2 more games I want to get. I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with games so now I’m all excited about the new stuff. I’ll just enjoy the games I have for a while and wait for the other ones to get cheaper.

That’s about it.

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

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