Picked up my Xbox Friday evening. I got one game with it and I haven’t even put it in yet. I spent all Friday night trying to install Linux on it (gotta love the irony in that: Linux on a Microsoft machine). I had Linux fully working Saturday, but I haven’t had much time to play with it yet (you’ll soon see why). The cool thing about getting Linux on it is that it’s turns it into a little computer. After I figure out how to get everything working I’ll be able to surf the Internet, check email, watch movies (dixv movies), play mp3s, basically anything I can do on a computer I’ll be able to do on my LinuXbox (from the comfort of my couch). Another bonus is I’ll also learn Linux basics messing around with it. The site with information about installing Linux onto an Xbox is here.

Saturday was spent biking in the morn, chatting with Paul at lunch time, GTAing afterwards and KTVing at night. Today was spent with the family for my birthday. I finally saw that movie “House of Flying Daggers” at I-Ping’s brothers house. I got through the first VCD thinking “Why were people so harsh on this movies, it’s OK” then I was stabbed in the back (at about the same time Andy Lao was). The ending blows chunks. The beginning and middle were just OK to me, so I was a let down with the end.

Something else happened between now and my last written post. One of the teachers at my school said he was leaving the country (for reasons I’m not at liberty to say). But, it made an opening for Paul so we may end up working together again. That’d be cool, because I was planning on switching to the elementary school next semester so Paul could work at the kindergarten (and relax), but now it looks as if I may be able to have my cake and eat it too.

Halo 2 was shipped a few days ago and should be here in a week or so. I’ll probably pick up Halo: Combat Evolved (part 1) this week for practice. I’ll work on getting a KTV song or 2 up soon and another set of pictures (probably from previous bike rides). OK TTFN.

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