My I-Ping’s back and I’m gonna be in trouble…

I-Ping got released from the hospital today. It was a day early, so it kind of messed up my house cleaning time. I left work early to run home and straighten things up a bit before she could see it, then when I picked her up I told her I didn’t have time to clean the house because she got out a day early (it wasn’t a lie). When she got home the house was actually looking pretty good, and because I got her ready for it looking really messy I only got in a little bit of trouble.

Only other thing to report is that I used my birthday leverage (coming up next week) and the extra money from subbing this month to talk my way into getting an X-Box, DVD burner and iBook all next week (OH YEAH!). The X-Box and DVD burner were easy because I can cover it with my extra money (had to ask for show). I-Ping wants a laptop so we’re going to get the iBook. If she likes the iBook she’ll just keep it and make me get something else. If she doesn’t, then we’ll look for another laptop for her. A friend here knows someone that knows someone that gets mac stuff at cost, so I’m getting a really sweet deal on it.

GTA: San Andreas is a really nice game. Rockstar made another awesome sequel. I think I’ll try writing a review of the game one of these days. That’s all for now.

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